The goal of the game in area42 is to either land safely on the ground or bounce your oponnent around to make them crash. Landing conditions: in order to land safely you must not be going to fast down or to the side if you are you will crash, you must also land upright. Energy: the top number in your color is your energy. If this runs out you will not be able to move until you remove your finger from the up button and alow your energy to replenish itself. Controls: the blue player uses WASD and the red player the arrow keys. Use left and right or A and D to rotate your ship, and your up key to thrust. Thrusting consumes energy and moves you in the direction the top of your ship is pointed. Use your down key to increace your opponents bounce to bonce them more. Warning this consumes energy. You can also press E or / to rotate you
towards upright, this will consume energy as well.


The goal of Pong is to get the ball(square) past your oponents paddle so that it hits their back wall. you control your paddle with W and S or up arrow and down arrow. If the ball(square) hits closer to the top or bottom it will bounce of at an angle acording to were it hit your paddle.


This is a math project put the dimentions of the rectangle in in the numbers after the question mark. Watch the pool ball bounce around the screen and use space to pause


In taxman the goal of the game is to get a higher score than the taxman. You do this by claiming numbers (by clicking on them). But, there's a catch. Whenever you claim a number the taxman claims all factors of that number currently on the board. He also claims all of the numbers left over at the end of the game. You may not take a number with no factors on the board (the taxman must be paid).